Somewhere inside.

“One step beyond that line, reminiscent of the line separating the living from the dead, and it’s the unknown, suffering, and death. And what is there? who is there? there, beyond this field, and the tree, and the roof lit by the sun? No one knows, and you would like to know; and you’re afraid to cross that line, and would like to cross it; and you know that sooner or later you will have to cross it and find out what is there on the other side of the line, as you will inevitably find out what is there on the other side of death. And you’re strong, healthy, cheerful, and excited, and surrounded by people just as strong and excitedly animated.” So, if he does not think it, every man feels who finds himself within sight of an enemy, and this feeling gives a particular brilliance and joyful sharpness of impression to everything that happens in those moments.

we’re skeletons of cigarettes
& empty cans & bottles
& we tear out of the parking lot
the engine at full throttle
& we planned a route with all right turns
so lights won’t get us caught
we got a mess of cash in duffel bags
& every penny’s hot
well hallelujah well hallelujah

i’ve never seen you so awful
i found you at the bottom of a russian novel
gold medal & a crown
a cardigan & a frown
so maladjusted & clever
the greatest smith’s fan ever
your picture’s in the paper
& the caption shouts
there is a boy that never goes out
that same song on repeat
you haven’t left the house in weeks
you won’t even come out for dinner
toby grace world record winner
i guess you thought it would make you feel better somehow
but heaven knows you’re miserable now
heaven knows you’re miserable now
heaven knows you’re miserable now
so toby take a bow


Schlomo Jawotnik

Andreas Hagman

"It would be nice to go to Kuragin’s," he thought. But at once he remembered the word of honor he had given Prince Andrei not to visit Kuragin.

But at once, as happens with so-called characterless people, he desired so passionately to experience again that dissolute life so familiar to him, that he decided to go. And at once the thought occurred to him that the word he had given meant nothing, because before giving his word to Prince Andrei, he had also given Prince Anatole his word that he would be there; finally he thought that all these words of honor were mere conventions, with no definite meaning, especially if you considered that you might die the next day, or something so extraordinary might happen to you that there would no longer be either honor or dishonor. That sort of reasoning often came to Pierre, destroying all his decisions and suppositions. He went to Kuragin’s.

"No, I haven’t, but here’s what’s come into my head and I wanted to tell you. There’s war now against Napoleon. If it were a war for freedom, I could understand it, I’d be the first to go into military service; but to help England and Austria against the greatest man in the world…is not right."

Prince Andrei merely shrugged his shoulders at Pierre’s childish talk. He made it look as though he could not reply to such stupidity; but in fact it was hard to reply to this naïve question in any other way than Prince Andrei had done.

"If everyone made war only according to his own convictions, there would be no war," he said.

"And that would be excellent," said Pierre.

Prince Andrei smiled.

"It might very well be excellent, but it will never happen…"

"Well, what makes you go to war?" asked Pierre.

"What makes me? I don’t know. I have to. Besides, I’m going…" He paused. "I’m going because this life I lead here, this life—is not for me!"

i was in the safeway store
when i saw you in aisle four
i swear you looked so nice
you were buying milk that was made out of rice

i tried to think of something clever to say
but you were already walking away
in an attempt to get my groove on
i offered you my white castle coupon

the radio was playing seal
i tried to tell you how i feel
but then our shopping carts locked wheels
& the moment just seemed wrong

oh won’t you do what’s right
put your groceries in my car tonight
i want to take you home

oh w/ your eyes of blue
i want to drink rice milk w/ you
i’ll be your one and only
so we won’t be so lonely

Yes, there are white flags on the bastions and trenches but the flowery valley is covered with dead bodies. The glorious sun is sinking towards the blue sea, and the undulating blue sea glitters in the golden light. Thousands of people crowd together, look at, speak to, and smile at one another. And these people—Christians professing the one great law of love and self-sacrifice—on seeing what they have done do not immediately fall repentant on their knees before Him who has given them life and placed in the soul of each a fear of death and a love of the good and the beautiful and they do not embrace like brothers with tears of joy and gladness.